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Finally, a solar generator with 3-phase power and a portable design.

Built for the demands of construction sites, EV charging, events, and more, Dragon Wings makes clean energy more accessible than ever.

Scalable Power.



Configurable both internally and by daisy-chaining multiple units, Dragon Wings affords you up to a massive 1000kW of sustained power.

    • 3-phase power: 208V or 480V AC options

    • Multiple 50A and 30A receptacles

    • Operates on or off grid

    • Easily integrates with other energy assets

    • Cellular data service and WiFi are standard; satellite optional

    • Opens in 2 minutes. Ready to power in 5.

    • Self-protect mode: automatically closes in high winds and harmful conditions

    • Fully autonomous: automatically closes at sunset, opens at sunrise

    • Monitor your energy usage, energy storage, and emissions savings with our mobile app

    • Able to stack on top of a standard-sized container or pedestal for EV charging and retail business

    • 1,300 square feet of canopy; enough space for 8 covered parking spots

    • Fits into one parking space

    • Compatible with forklifts, towable trailers, flatbed trucks, semis, and more


Long-lived batteries provide uninterrupted power and are scalable between 75kWh to 450kWh in Dragon Wings.


Zero fuel. Zero fumes. Solar PV cells recharge Dragon Wings’ batteries every day, eliminating frequent refueling.


Remote controls, monitoring, and forecasting allow Dragon Wings to provide reliable unmanned power services.

Transformative across industries.

Dragon Wings has proven itself on construction sites, at festivals, and providing power and shade in parking lots. Its ability to stack on top of a shipping container opens the door to infinite uses.